What do you actually do at Social Services?

We see people with all types of queries – whether it’s how to get to a hospital appointment, how to assist with parenting, loss of income, after school care for children, adolescents who need support with behaviours/family relationships, relationship issues, budgeting advice, elderly support – just about anything you need to know we will try to find the answer for you.

Are you part of Work & Income?

The Work and Income office in Whitianga is currently closed. We do not have any indication on when this will re-open, but it is located at the back of the Centre and they have their own entrance – however they are not a part of Social Services.

Can I come any time to see someone especially if it’s urgent?

Yes –Monday to Friday between 9.00 am – 4.30 pm there is always someone available for people who choose to walk in – sometimes there may be a slight wait.

Do you provide Grants?

We are a Charitable Trust but do not have a funding arm for grants. The Trust is a Non-Government Organisation depending on grants to provide free support to our community

Can or do you assist with moving house?

We are not a moving company and don’t have personnel to assist in helping you move house.

Do you assist in finding accommodation?

There are agencies in town that can better assist in finding accommodation so we do not offer this service.

Are you available weekends for emergencies?

No we are open Monday to Friday for Emergencies contact 111 or other medical condition contact your local Doctor they have a 24 hour triage nurse available by phone.[/column]